Hi, I'm Hanan



I was born in Oklahoma and raised in Benghazi, Libya. Libya is located in North Africa, so I’m Arabic, African, and American. 


I moved to Auburn in 2008 and married my husband who has lived in Auburn since 1990. We have two grown children, both of whom were raised here in Auburn. 


I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from Benghazi  University in Libya. Moving here from Libya was lonely at first. I had a job and friends, I was a Girl Scout guide, but the only person I knew here was my husband. I was initially excited, but later the excitement went away. I signed up for a class at the Auburn Senior Citizen’s Center titled “How to Write Your Life Story”.


A classmate introduced me to volunteering at a local food bank. I later volunteered at the White River Valley Museum and both the Auburn and Muckleshoot libraries. In 2010 I started to volunteer with Auburn police and started working at a local aerospace company shortly thereafter.  

In 2019 I completed 30 years of volunteering, and in 2018 I was awarded an appreciation pin for outstanding services to GSWW. 


About a decade ago, I started to volunteer with the United Way of King County as a tax preparer in the Auburn and Kent areas. Our site was open until March 2020  when COVID-19 hit.


My main hobby is archery. I am an archery instructor for GSWW in Auburn. I am now a level II USA archery instructor, so I can teach girls or leaders if they desire to be certificated. For both my volunteer hours with GSWW and the United Way, I earned both bronze and gold  President’s Service volunteer awards.